CityU Apps Lab (CAL) empowers youngsters with cutting-edge technologies and initiatives of transforming innovative ideas into practice.


With generous support from the UGC Community of Practice (CoP): Technology and Creativity Community and CityU Incubator scheme, CityU Apps Lab was established in 2013 to enhance knowledge on latest technologies while incubating innovation. We offer multi-level trainings to allow youngsters to learn and explore latest technologies and extend code learning to general public. We then design, deploy and develop various mobile applications that can contribute to the University as well as the society. Moreover, young talents are benefited by enriching knowledge and preparedness on entrepreneurship initiatives, through the bridge with dynamic business leaders here.

Core Member List

NamePost DepartmentCollege
Dr Joe Chun Hung YUENInstructor CSCSE
Dr Ray Chak Chung CHEUNGAssistant Professor EECSE
Dr Raysen Wai Leung CHEUNGAssistant Professor
Dr Dennitza GABRAKOVAAssistant Professor
Dr Alexandar DJORDJEVICHAssociate Professor
Prof Wenyu DOUProfessor MKTCB
Dr Ivan Wing Hong FUNGLecturer CACSE
Dr Sarah KENDERDINEVisiting Associate Professor AIAI
Dr Avnita LAKHANIAssistant Professor SLWSLW
Dr Mei Yung LEUNGAssistant Professor CACSE
Dr Shuaicheng LIAssistant Professor CSCSE
Prof Andrew Leong Chye LIMProfessor
Dr Justin ROBERTSONAssociate Professor AISCLAS
Mr Dick Kin Tung THUNGInstructor SCMCSCM
Prof Lilian VRIJMOEDProfessor BCHCSE
Mr Samson Kar Fai YOUNGAssistant Professor SCMSCM
Prof Jonathan ZHUProfessor COMCLASS
Carl IPResearch Assistant EECSE
Harry CHANResearch Assistant EECSE

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Available courses

Prototyping Whatsapp in 8 hours

  • IM app (on Android)
  • Simple server supporting server

This is a fundamental course for students with programming background.

Items covered:

  1. Simple UI design
  2. Event handling
  3. Activity life-cycle
  4. Network access
  5. Sensor manipulation